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Welcome to the Lost River Hostel

We’re a hostel in the woods based in southern Indiana, somewhere between a hotel and camping. We believe the way we’ll create change is from creating spaces where people can become their best selves. We’d love to spend some time with you.

Connect With Nature
Imagine a monastery and an art gallery tossed into a blender in the forested hills of southern Indiana, and you’ll start to get an idea of the place. From The Bird’s Nest above the rooftop bathtub to the Pop Top Treehouse to the River Bed suite that could sleep a whole family in its giant bed, there are so many places to lay your head in this wooded wonderland.

Discover Your Tribe

AN Adventure For


Are you seeking a space to discover yourself more? To unpack who you are on the inside? A place to be challenged and grow?


If the idea of being at one with nature in the woods appeals, along with meeting a super cool group of fellow adventurers – you should stay with us.

Creative Eco-Warriors.

Does living in an alternative community eco-hostel (in the making) appeal to you? Want to add your own creative contribution to our magical place with your art and presence? 

Come only if you’re seeking to be challenged 🙂
Lost River Hostel
Lost River Hostel
Lost River Hostel
Lost River Hostel
Lost River Hostel
Lost River Hostel

Here are Six reasons why you’ll love this place


The Clay Lagoon

On the Summer days, this is where we laugh and lounge in the sun. When night falls, there’s nothing more magical than a swim under the stars.


The Labyrinth

A 20-minute meditative walk through a young hedge maze leading to a serene old persimmon tree in the center.


Natural Surroundings

With trails throughout our 29 acre property and access to the Lost River itself, you’ll be blissfully enveloped in everything mama nature has to offer here


The Outdoor Showerhouse

Our rooftop tub and outdoor gravity showers are a game-changing experience that everyone loves.


Communal Dinner

Lovingly cooked and included in your stay, our dinner and gratitude circle turn every day into a bit of Thanksgiving



Sitting around the warm embers of a campfire engaging in great conversation, sharing ideas and creating memories.
Stay With US
The accommodations are somewhere between camping and a hotel. All rooms have electricity, heat and AC. All restroom facilities are shared (private while in use) with outdoor showers, compost toilets, rooftop tub, and traditional plumbing all available.

What Our Guests Are Saying

“Can’t say enough wonderful things about this place. The staff here are super cool, and like the best friends you wish you could have from college. I recharged so completely in every-way. I came back to celebrate my birthday, and the family meal and celebration was among the happiest memories of my life.”

“Real conversations, real people, real living. The woods setting is amazing. I felt physically different as soon as I got to the place. The outdoor showers were really amazing, the food was great – but it was really all about the people. I made connections I’ll keep and nurture for a lifetime. Thank you Lost River!”

“Hotels are so isolating, so the Lost River was a welcome change. I loved this stay. Found it on AirBnB and booked spontaneously. It was among the best decisions of my life. I feel reset now by my experience, and ready to go out and live my best life. I’ll be back Lost River, as soon as I am able :-)”

REady to Book?
We’re creating the ecohostel of the future - an alternative living community that creates a place where we can move away from mindless labor toward a mindful life. Come stay a day (or more). 🙂